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You’ve taken the first step by completing this risk assessment. Based on your results, you’re likely to have prediabetes, but only your doctor can diagnose it for sure. Ask for a simple blood test to confirm them.

Source: CDC

You can prevent or delay prediabetes with simple, proven lifestyle changes like adding in daily walks or eating more fruits and vegetables. To learn more about additional screening and resources available – many at no cost or low cost – click below to connect with a local health educator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are my test results confidential?

Yes. Unless you consent to share your results with a local health educator, your results are confidential. The Diabetes On Track team will have access to aggregate level data but not individual results.

What if I am at high risk? What happens then?

Right after taking the risk test, you will be given an option to connect with a local health educator. We also encourage you to check in with your primary health care provider. Only a doctor can diagnose prediabetes or diabetes.

Are there resources for people already diagnosed with prediabetes or type 2 diabetes?

Yes! We encourage you to contact your local health care provider or your local Health Department to connect with community resources.

Connect With a Local Health Educator

Please fill out the information below if you’d like to have a local health educator or community health worker contact you. Or contact us directly, through our partner links below.


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